A Magical Review of My Book

When my kids were ready for chapter books, Mary Pope Osborne whisked them away on marvelous adventures through her Magic Tree House books. The curious brother-sister duo, Jack and Annie, pulled my children into pre-historic times to ride atop dinosaurs and into King Arthur’s castle decorated for Christmas. Reading was never more fun and imagination ruled the day.

Mary Pope Osborne was asked if she would like to comment on Morehead Planetarium & Science Center’s first children’s book, Tony Jenzano, Astronaut Trainer: The Man Who Made the Stars Shine. Yes, the book that I wrote and that Benlin Alexander illustrated.

Her response?

This beautifully illustrated book by Michael G. Neece brilliantly captures a chapter in the history of the Morehead Planetarium. But it does so much more–it’s a story of commitment, courage, learning and the imagination. The bonds formed between museum director Tony Jenzano, Morehead Planetarium, and an amazing roster of famous astronauts were profound and lasting, and played a major role in sending the first Americans into space.

Mary Pope Osborne, author of the Magic Tree House Series

I suppose there is not much left to say when a legend in children’s literature makes that kind of pronouncement except…buy your copy today!

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