My New Home

I try to stay busy, but this summer I completely overdid it.

Not only did I continue working hard for my day job, give the occasional planetarium show, walk the dogs most mornings and nights, give my children attention and love, and engage my wife of many years in as much loving kindness and romance as she deserves (Note: she deserves quite a lot more than I can ever give her), we also undertook to move across town. Below is the picture of us having closed on the house, awaiting the moving trucks with all our stuff.


If you haven’t heard from me recently, I was packing, closing, moving, unpacking, and still doing the job/shows/dogs/kids/wife/and-oh-yeah-the-eclipse-trip-I-planned.

I’m back. Expect more posts soon.

Meantime, check out the eclipse trip involving twenty-five of us on a weekend deluxe cabin stay in western NC.EclipseCrew

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