2 thoughts on “New YMT Artwork!

  1. Love this. Oh, how did the telescope activity go in the neighborhood, my friend Susan who lives on Robin Rd, 2 doors from my nephew, sent it to me. She thought it was a great idea. She is signed up for the space station alerts. We went out to look at 6 33 on her deck on Sunday night. Couldn’t believe How big and how fast it was. A he’ll of a lot bigger and faster than those south in sightings!

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    1. We had 20 show up, and we saw the Moon, Alberio, the Andromeda Galaxy, and M110 (an elliptical galaxy). It was a bunch of fun, but moonlight and clouds eventually drown out chances at seeing much else. Next time, we’ll have moonless skies and maybe some new gadgets for my scope! You should come sometime!


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